Enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Fortem TrueView Radar Model R20

Timely. Complete. Accurate. Clean.

image Fortem TrueView Radar Model R20 Detect and Avoid BVLOS

The Fortem TrueView Radar model R20 is the next generation of its proven, safe, complete and small SWaP-C radar solutions designed for high volume, high reliability, and mission-critical detect and avoid operations. The Fortem TrueView Radar is derived from a hardened radar technology used in the US Department of Defense drone program the last 6 years. It was adapted for safe commercial drone applications. The Fortem TrueView Radar provides the aircraft integrator the capability to quickly and easily detect objects from the air at long range to avoid manned aircraft or other non-cooperative objects such as birds, wires or other drones. Optional modules allow for complete end-to-end integration for tracking, classification, command and control and pre-integrated autopilots.

The Fortem TrueView Radar model R20 enables companies to use drones to provide safe and cost-effective package delivery services, large infrastructure inspections, border patrols, etc. Also, human pilots of general aviation aircraft and helicopters can fly safely in a more crowded airspace with TrueView Radar.