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Fortem TrueView Radar Model DAA-R20: Enabling BLOS for UAS

Fortem's flagship radar, model DAA-R20, makes beyond line of sight operation more available than ever before. The low size, weight, and power of the DAA-R20 means that manned and unmanned aircraft, whatever their size, can have automatic collision avoidance capability.

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Fortem’s DAA radar represents the culmination of technology with over 6 years of successful operation.


Fortem’s system is the centerpiece of a safe and secure airspace, shared by manned and unmanned aircraft, increasing when and where and how UAS can operate.


With a radar foundation, the Fortem solution to detect and avoid is unbound by atmospheric obstructions that would cripple other solutions. Detect in darkness, and through smoke, fog, clouds, and rain.

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Safe and Secure UAS Operations

Fortem Technologies is dedicated to making the skies safer and helping drone operators make the most of automated technologies.

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Fortem Technologies is a venture funded, privately held company that delivers products to enable safe autonomous airborne operations. Fortem's proven solutions allow organizations to transition their unmanned aircraft operations beyond human line of sight and protect their most precious resources from threats in the air. Fortem’s most recent product is DroneHunter™, a counter UAS system. Some of the technology was developed and hardened over several years on US Department of Defense applications and is now available for commercial use. The Fortem TrueView radar at the core of the guidance system is used by many UAV manufacturers to enable safe and secure beyond line of sight (BLOS) services day and night, in clouds, or inclement weather.